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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Accelerated readers

This week the children who have 100% on the accelerated reading tests are:


Well done, keep up the good reading!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

100% spellers

Well done to this weeks 100% spellers, they are:

Kelsie Doyle

Keep up the hard work :))

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wonder Wall Challenge

There is a new challenge throughout school. Every 2 weeks look out for a poster in your classroom.
Can you find the answers to any of these questions

May Day celebrations

3.3 all looked fantastic in their green and white clothes for our  May Day celebration. 

During the day we: 
  • Decorated cakes
  • Learnt how to Morris dance and Maypole dance 
  • Completed May day colouring and word searches
  • Completed May day poems
In the afternoon we had a class party. We ate our cakes and snacks. 


Year 3 have been learning about voting, the Government and Parliament.

3.3 and 3.1 had a debate. Our debate was about having a shorter lunch so school can finish early. 3.1 looked at why children wanted to go home early and 3.3 looked at why we should not go home early.

Here are some pictures from our debate...

The results!!

32 children voted FOR having a shorter lunch and finish school early.
22 children voted AGAINST a shorter lunch and school finishing early.

3.3 visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - 29.4.15

On Wednesday 29th April 3.3 visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

We travelled there by train, to New Street Station. When we arrived we took part in an Art workshop.

We viewed the Egyptian art gallery and sketched different patterns and artefacts. 
When we returned to the art classroom we used  papaya paper and oil paints to create our own Egyptian painting. 

We also learnt about how paints were made in Ancient Egypt, why their paintings were so important and the stories that the paintings told. 

After lunch we took part in an History workshop.

We learnt about:
  • Mummification 
  • Canopic jars
  • How Egyptians get to the after life
  • Gods and Goddess'
  • The animals 
  • Which organs were important to the Egyptians 
  • How they weighed their hearts 

Here are some photos of our exciting trip: