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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Anti-bullying week

Last week, was anti-bullying week and each class was paired with another class. We were lucky to be paired with both 1.3 and 5.3. 15 children swapped and went to the buddy class and we all did different activities about how to stop bullying. 

In 3.3 we learnt a song about our rights and we did role-played different scenarios. We also worked in groups to find out what children need and want. We also did a class "stamp" to stamp out bullying and made a noise about it.

Here we are working with the older children in year 5

Below are photos of our class stamp

Artists in 3.3

Yesterday all the children in 3.3 became artists as we made our puppets for the Toy Theatre. We had a fantastic artist called Jim who helped us to make and decorate our puppets. The children had to work in their groups to create the theatres and the 3 different scenes. Jim also taught us some sign language which was fantastic!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Celebration assembly

In today's, celebration assembly the winner of the Science competition was announced and in 3.3 the winner was Thea. 

Muhammad and Hamza also received a certificate for their beautiful silhouette painting of the Homefront in WW1

Well done to Thea, Muhammad and Hamza! ☺️

All the children in Year 3 also sang a song about the evacuee children in the war and performed it to the year 4. 

World War 1 workshops

This week we have been learning about World War 1 and what life was like on the Homefront. Year 3 had the amazing opportunity of taking part in workshops  which involved acting and learning about what happened to the children during the war.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Toy theatre project.

This week, we have had a special visitor called Holly come to 3.3  from The Rep Theatre in Birmingham. Holly and her friend Mel will be helping us to write our own plays and then we will go to The Rep Theatre when all the sessions finished.

Today, was our first session and we played lots of fun games which included us using different voices and actions. We also made a start on our plays and muddled up the letters in our own names to come up with character names for our play.